Government Relations

    Legislative Efforts

    One of the prime missions of our association is the active involvement and participation in the legislative process leading to ordinances and statutes that affect our industry and our customers. In pursuit of this goal, our legislative committee, along with association staff, is responsible for overseeing the changes taking place in local municipal sign codes by becoming involved throughout these sign code revision processes. Through this committee, we have a vehicle by which we can make some vital contributions to the various governing bodies at the local level.

    All members must be willing to be the association's eyes and ears, and to act as a conduit of information that they may hear at city hall of upcoming changes.

    The USA's legislative committee representatives typically meet with staff and any consultants at the outset and any subsequent meetings where development of the code takes place. Providing input during draft development is extremely important to the outcome of the final document.

    Being present at public workshops and hearings before the planning commission, city council, and board of supervisors is an important element in the process of adoption of a new ordinance as this keeps the issues and consequences in front of the governing body for consideration.

    Throughout the process of code rewrites, the association continually asks these three important questions: Is it fair to all concerned? Is it equitable? Is it enforceable? The association strives to ensure that the codes, which we must operate under, provide the best service and products to our customers.

    With the support of a watchful and involved membership, the future of the industry should remain strong within the region.