Associate Member Application

    C-1 Associate

    Any company and/or organization that conducts related business with the on-premise sign industry and whose principal business operations involve consulting services, publications, insurance, trade schools, government entities, and/or other professional associations. Individuals, or other entities not listed above, who can demonstrate interest with the sign industry, may become members of the Utah Sign Association at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

    Associate Member Dues Structure 
    $200.00 Annual Rate

     Application is hereby submitted for membership in the Utah Sign Association. It is understood that approval of this application for membership entitles the undersigned to membership benefits in the Utah Sign Association, including membership in the International Sign Association for Sign Division members, and the use of informational materials, and sign regulation legislative representation. (Only A-1 category qualifies to use standard engineering.) 

    As a member of the Utah Sign Association, I hereby agree to:

    1. Abide by the current association dues schedule and bylaws as approved by the Board of Directors and the general membership.
    2. Prompt payment of all association membership dues and assessments.
    3. Active participation in association activities.
    4. Upon written resignation or suspension for non-payment of dues or for other causes, as specified in the association’s bylaws, that all accrued but unpaid dues and assessments shall become due and payable as of resignation or suspension and shall be paid in full forthwith.